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you gotta talk about your feelings - SERIES

continuity - g1

one of my favorite fics to date. a series that takes place in a postwar g1 environment. super fun, super fluffy. has almost all of my g1 rarepairs (which is why i like it,)

author's summary: Galvatron is dead, bye bitch. Starscream gets to be in charge because he deserves it. Then it's time for Autobots and Decepticons alike to deal with the aftermath of fighting for so long. There's a lot of feelings for everyone to talk about, so--what it says on the tin. Happy endings only.



a kiss a day; the many kinds of love. - ONESHOTS

continuity - g1

cute little oneshots about platonic and romantic kisses

author's summary: There are a lot of different types of love. Between lovers, between friends, between family... As such, there's a lot of different ways to show love, but kisses are ultimately the most well-known. (29 kisses for 29 days.)



taking care - STORY

continuity - idw

one of the best dratchet fanfics to be written, in my opinion.

author's summary: Ratchet leaves the Lost Light to find Drift. They return together during Dying of the Light, with much changed between them. The miniseries Empire of Stone tells one possible story of how they reunited. This is a different possibility...full of all the things I wanted and EoS didn't give me: romance, character continuity and a grand sci-fi journey home constantly waylaid by adventure.